Portolanero's Research

I am a specialist in medieval portolan charts, a still unsolved mystery of science. I hope to find people with similar interests or with useful information. Feel free to contact me at:
portolanero AT gmail DOT com

Update: The author of this research died in 2016. Collaborators that helped with this page still log into the email address above from time to time.

Table of Contents

1. What is unsolved about the portolans? The Problem of the Portolan Charts

2. With focus on cartometric analysis: The History of Portolan Research

3. Some info on oldest chart: Carte Pisane

4. The portolans of the North and the relation to the southern portolans: "Caerte van Oostlant"

5. The most important portolan and the transmission map: Pizigani 1367 Chart

5.1 Cartometric Analysis II
5.2 The Maps of King Arthur?

6. A crucial issue: The Ptolemy Problem

7. The root origin: Traces of a Classical Portolan World Map And how the survey was done and the role of the Secret Courts.

8. Synopsis - Timeline